The big arctic five


Faites l’expérience de l’inlandsis (calotte glaciaire) dans toute sa puissance. Rapprochez-vous d’un étrange royaume insulaire fait d’icebergs flottant majestueusement au gré des courants. Vous verrez de la glace partout : depuis le pont d’un bateau, d’un hélicoptère, d’un traîneau à chiens ou
en randonnée. En savoir plus
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Glace est synonyme de Groenland. Les montagnes de glace sont tout aussi magnifiques qu’elles sont étranges. La naissance de la calotte glaciaire brise le silence avec ses craquements et ses rugissements. La glace flotte telle des montagnes libres, hautes comme des châteaux, avec des caves profondes de plusieurs kilomètres sous la surface de l’eau. Cet étonnant royaume flottant étincelle de blanc, de bleu et de turquoise.

Expérimenter l'inlandsis, c'est rencontrer l'histoire qui remonte à des centaines de millénaires. Impossible à comprendre, c'est une expérience surnaturelle à laquelle il faut assister. La glace épaisse, qui mesure en moyenne plus d'un kilomètre, est si puissante qu'elle comprime la roche des centaines de mètres en-dessous. La nature est vraiment à l'œuvre ici.

Dans le fjord glacé d'Ilulissat se trouve le glacier le plus productif de l'hémisphère nord. Chaque jour, il délivre environ 100 millions de tonnes de glace aux couleurs et formes fantastiques qui font leur dernier voyage vers l'estuaire s'ouvrant sur la mer.

Approchons-nous. Observez les couleurs changer devant vos yeux avec les reflets du soleil et appréciez la vue de la glace et des montagnes qui, sans aide et tranquillement, choisissent leurs propres cours d'eau.

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Om kampagnen

1. To enter the competition you must be 18 or over and be a Danish citizen.
2. Participants must register on the website to enter. Participants who register with incorrect information are not eligible to win the competition.
3. When you participate in the campaign, you grant Visit Greenland the right to send weekly e-mails during the campaign period (5 weeks). If at any time during the course of the campaign you do not want to take part in the competition, you can unsubscribe in the newsletter you receive.
4. The campaign ends on 4 November 2012. 2 winners will be drawn for a trip for 2. Winners will be contacted directly via e-mail within 5 days of the competition closing.
5. Winners of the trip agree to supply video and photo material from the trip. The winners can borrow a pocket HD video/still camera from Visit Greenland, but they can also use their own camera for filming. 

Please provide the following: Video: Raw video clips in HD quality in lengths from a few seconds up to several minutes, depending on the theme/subject. The scenes should preferably be of the types of experiences that fall under the Big Arctic Five (Northern Lights, Whales, Ice, Dog sledding, Pioneering people). There is no fixed amount of footage, but please provide 15-45 minutes of footage in total. Photos: Provide photos in high resolution of subjects that fall within the Big Arctic Five. Please provide at least 20 good quality images (no shaking and with the appropriate subject centred and in focus). Video and photo files are to be sent to Visit Greenland within 14 days after returning from the trip, either through an ftp service (such as or on a physical digital media (USB key or external hard drive) to Visit Greenland, Strandgade 91, DK-1401 Copenhagen K. Visit Greenland, Air Greenland and the travel agency that is sponsoring the trip, can use the material for marketing purposes.
6. It is not permitted for employees or relatives of employees of Visit Greenland to enter in the competition.
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8. It is free to enter the competition, except the usual Internet costs.
9. The competition has five rounds where each week you answer three questions on a topic from the Big Arctic Five. The more rounds of the competition you enter, the greater your chances are of winning. You get one entry per round that you enter. Correct answers to the questions are not required in order to enter in the competition.
10. Prize details:
There are two prizes in the competition sponsored by Disko Line, Polar Travel as well as Air Greenland .

Prize 1: A 9-day trip to Greenland for two people - "Midnight Sun and Icebergs" - with
Polar Travel. Departure dates: 6/6, 19/6, 10/7, 24/7 or 21/8 2013. Value: DKK 45,700. Read more about the trip at

Prize 2: A 7-day trip to Greenland for two people - To Disko Bay on the lookout for whales and icebergs - with Disko Line + return flights from Copenhagen - Ilulissat (with Air Greenland ). Value: Up to DKK 28,600. Read more about Disko Line's part of the trip at

General terms of the prizes:
Providers of the prizes/trips cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen events such as cancelled flights or overbooking. The prize is not transferable or redeemable for cash. Dates can be subject to change. The winner must arrange their own transportation to and from the airport in their home country. It is the winner's responsibility to arrive at the appointed place at the appointed time. If the winners do not use the booked departure or arrive late to the airport, they lose the right to the whole trip. You may not necessarily see all of the Big Arctic Five on the same trip to Greenland.

Visit Greenland reserves the right to disqualify any person suspected of having lied, acted dishonestly or otherwise attempting to circumvent the rules of the competition.

Personal details Any information submitted during registration and collected during the campaign will be only be used in a manner consistent with the participants' given consent when they signed up.